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Our fleet

Grieg Star is a fully integrated shipping company, focusing on two categories of vessels:  Open Hatch and conventional Bulk carriers. We have been in the Open Hatch trade since the 1960’ies, shipping forestry products, steel, project cargo etc.

The box-shaped holds, gantry cranes with rain protection, dehumidification systems and state-of-the-art cargo equipment. This enables loading and discharge of the cargo with minimum handling, ensuring safe stowage and minimum delays. Dehumidification systems ensure that the air quality in the holds is right for the various types of goods carried. Further, the vessels’ unobstructed deck provides for excellent stowage, and a safe and damage free ocean transit  for various project cargoes. Read more on the Open Hatch Concept.

Our conventional bulk department  presently own and operates a modern fleet of about 10 geared and grab-supplied ships ranging from 25,000 to 65,000 DWT, combining contracts and tramping in the worldwide trade. Today’s flexible fleet carries a variety of cargoes such as coal, coke, sugar, salt, alumina, fertilisers, ores etc. We provide our customers with quality shipping,   modern carriers in excellent condition, highly competent staff and focus on Customer’s demand on each stage of the voyage.

More information on our vessels is found in our Open Hatch and Bulk pages.

All details given under vessels description on this web page is given in good faith and without guarantee. For official description please contact our Commercial staff