Taking new steps towards the future

Apr 23, 2018

New times call for new solutions. Thursday, we opened our Vessel Support Centre in Bergen, Norway. The centre paves the road for closer cooperation, quicker decision making and even higher quality ship management.

For thousands of years, being a seafarer meant isolation from what happened onshore. Your loved ones would not hear anything from you until you came home, or someone brought news from you. For ship owners, the ship was unreachable until it came back home. From the 1800s the telegraph made it possible to reach the ship when in port.

Satellites and the digital age has changed that. We have for many years been able to talk and send e-mails to our vessels. For those onboard that has meant more support and closer cooperation with inspectors and specialists ashore.

Now Grieg Star has taken the next step. High speed internet connection was installed on all our vessels in 2017, and we will now utilise that better. Thursday 19th of April, we opened our Vessel Support Centre in Bergen.

The centre will be manned by three vessel managers, who will be in direct contact with our masters and chiefs on a day to day basis. They will be able to chat, phone or have video calls with the ship wherever they are in the world. That means the vessels will be able to have a much broader competence base ready to support them if there is an issue onboard. Route planning tools are available for all and are easily discussed and monitored. The centre will make it easier to compare and share best practice between ships and people. Dashboards and machine learning make it possible to quickly identify deviations on everything from lube oil usage to valve pressures and fuel consumption.

For a closer look our Vessel Support Centre, please view the video above.