SFI Autoship

Autonomous ships have been a much-discussed idea for years. Developers have made several tests, but the technology is still young. The goal of SFI Autoship is to ensure that Norwegian players take a leading and leading role in this development, especially concerning technology, business models and security.

To achieve this, the centre brings together over 20 partners from the Norwegian maritime cluster, including end-users, product and service providers, research institutes, universities and authorities. The centre’s funding is over 200 million Norwegian kroner over eight years.

SFI Autoship will develop new knowledge, methods, tools, prototypes, technology and candidates for the Norwegian maritime industry. It will be a world-leading centre for research and innovation on autonomous ships, with a special focus on safe and secure solutions.


NTNU, SINTEF Ocean, SINTEF Digital, UiO, IFE, Sjøfartsdirektoratet, Kystverket, Trondheim havn, Trondheim kommune, Kongsberg Gruppen, DNV GL, Telia, Massterly, Embron, Maritime Robotics, Idletechs, Equinor, G2 Ocean, Grieg Star, NCL, Gard, Torghatten, MacGregor.

Our participation

Grieg Star will, together with G2 Ocean, contribute on two defined studies:

Deep-sea bulk cargo transport

  • Automated navigation (ocean crossing)​
  • Improved and automated cargo-handling/crane operations​
  • Automated engine control room 

Short sea and coastal cargo transport ​​

  • Unmanned vessel design and operations, including auto-docking and auto-mooring​
  • Improved logistics, including port and hinterland​
  • Onshore control centre and communication ship-shore​

Our role will be providing our ship development and management expertise.

Norwegian Centre for research and development regarding autonomous ships, with focus on technology, business models and security.

Read more at NTNU (Norwegian)


What is an SFI?

A Centre for Research based Innovation (SFI) provides an opportunity for long term cooperation between industry companies and research partners

The objective is to support long-term research that promotes innovation and the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. The SFI scheme is administered by the Research Council’s Division for Innovation.

At present, there are 24 centres devoted to research-based innovation of a high international calibre within a range of areas.

More on this at The Research Council of Norway.

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