RuteSim –┬áSimulation-based Weather Routing

RuteSim is a spinoff project from Smart Maritime. The project will develop a decision support tool for weather routing by integrating advanced ship models developed in Smart maritime and detailed weather forecasts and innovative ocean current models. The tool will increase the precision of the calculation of key parameters such as fuel consumption, ship motion, sailing time, and by that it will give ship owners better decision support in voyage planning. The motivation behind RuteSim is three-fold:

1. To reduce fuel consumption and air emissions
2. To avoid damage of high value cargo
3. To improve the safety and working environment onboard

Our participation

Grieg Star is project responsible for RuteSim, with our Head of Vessel Specialists, Roar Fanebust, as administrator.




Project spanning from 2019 to 2020. Budget of 8 MNOK. Partners:

  • Grieg Star
  • SINTEF Ocean
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean
  • Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi

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