Green Shipping Programme

Norway has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030 – a huge challenge.

If Norwegian domestic shipping is to take its share of the reduction, we need to multiply the rate of introducing environmentally friendly fuels and alternative propulsion technology. Furthermore, IMO has decided that emissions shall be halved by 2050. This means that the international markets for green technologies and solutions will soon be a reality.

Our participation:

Grieg Star contact person in the Green Shipping Programme is Vidar Lundberg, our Chief Business Development Officer.

HydrogenShip Pilot

This is a feasibility study to evaluate if it is possible to use hydrogen as fuel on transport from Norway to Europa on a specific case. We are considering several areas in this pilot:

  • Hydrogen Production
  • Vessel Design and Technology
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Operational Model
  • Business Case

Experts from Grieg Star is involved in Vessel Design and Operational Model.

Next generation bulk vessels for coastal traffic

A pilot to establish an innovative fleet renewal program for cosatl bulk vessel. The pilot is in the start-up phase.

Transport of grain and raw materials for construction

This pilot is also in the start-up phase. The ambition is to develop a low or zero emission sea transport between the east and west coast of Norway for construction raw materials and grain.

The Green Shipping Programme aims to find scalable solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly shipping.


The four stages of the programme

Our other research and development projects