Grieg Star Philippines

Grieg Star Philippines is a shared services company, established to provide timely and accurate support and service solutions to the companies in the Grieg Star Group.

Grieg Star Philippines offers services within

  • Accounting and Marine Payroll
  • Marine Competence Development
  • Business Controls
  • Maritime Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Maritime ICT Helpdesk and IT Support
  • Shore Human Resources & Office Administration

As a fully-owned company of the Grieg Star Group, our built-in understanding of the organisational culture and business processes enable efficiency and accuracy in the value chain.


Jannicke Steen-Utvik

Jannicke Steen-Utvik

Vice President and General Manager

Marivic Sered

Marivic Sered

HRA and QA Officer

Cecille T. Angeles

Cecille T. Angeles

Finance Manager

Jericho Uyboco

Jericho Uyboco

IT Administrator

Carlota Capus

Carlota Capus

Maritime HR and Business Controls Officer

Fernando Isla

Fernando Isla

Planned Maintenance Support Officer

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Grieg Star Philippines
6th Floor, FiveE-ComCenter
Pacific Drive Extension, Harbor Drive Entrance
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City 1300
Metro Manila, Philippines

P: +63 2 834 2181

Data Privacy Officer:
General Manager
P: +63 2 834 5809 loc. 801

Grieg Star Phillipines

Grieg Star Philippines Inc.
6/F FiveE-comCenter
Pacific Drive Extension, Harbor Drive Entrance
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

P: +63 2 843 2181

Data Privacy Officer: General Manager

P: +63 2 834 5809 loc. 101

Corporate Responsibility

Grieg Star Philippines observes highly compliant regulations to achieve our quality objectives. The company follows a set of ethical guidelines to ensure that it is accountable for its actions to the people, the environment, the communities and the government.

The company is actively participating in keeping its employees of international quality standards, pro-active in tackling environmental issues, voluntarily supporting communities in need and aggressively addressing its fight to corruption.

The Grieg Group is a signatory to the principles in the UN Global Compact, and with our team Grieg Star Philippines is committed to raising our standards and working actively with our suppliers and business partners in this respect. Our aim shall be to achieve the high standards established in our Supplier Code of Conduct, as we believe it is a shared obligation to continuously improve towards a sustainable value chain.

Values and Ethical Principles

As part of the Grieg Group, we aim to be recognized by high standards for health and safety, environment and ethics.

Our values shared by the Grieg Group shall be expressed in the way business is conducted and in our interaction with each other, with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our values are Open, Solid, Proud and Committed.

It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and demonstrate our ethical principles. All relevant national and international regulations shall be carefully observed. Personal and business conduct shall be well within the intentions of our principles.

  1. We will carry out our business fairly, honestly and openly.
  2. We do not accept any form of discrimination of employees or others involved in our activities.
  3. We do not accept any form of corruption, nor will we condone it taking place on our behalf so as to influence business.
  4. We will avoid doing business with others who do not accept our values and who may harm our reputation.
  5. We shall be careful about giving and accepting gifts or other services.
  6. We will keep clear and updated records of all business transactions made on behalf of the Grieg Group.
  7. We will avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with the interests of the Grieg Group.
  8. We will treat all information, assets and property of the Grieg Group responsibly and professionally.