Sustainable business practices

As a member of the Grieg Group, Grieg Star aims to be recognised by high standards for health and safety, environment and ethics. The objective of the ethical guidelines is to state the requirements for business practice and personal behaviour. The target group is all employees working for the Grieg Group, including the members of the Boards of each company and subsidiary of the Grieg Group. It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and demonstrate these principles. All relevant Norwegian and international laws and regulations must be carefully observed. Personal and business conduct must be well within the intentions of the principles outlined below. The management in each of the companies has the overall responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are observed and respected. Violations of the ethical guidelines will have consequences, and serious incidents may result in termination of employment. The ethical guidelines are approved by the Board of Directors in each company within the Grieg Group and apply from January 2013.

The values shared by all Grieg Group companies shall be expressed in the way business is conducted, in interaction with each other, and with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The values are: Open, Solid, Proud and Committed.

If an employee is concerned about a potential breach of any of the Grieg Group’s ethical principles, these concerns should be reported immediately. Individuals may report through the regular channels; to their superior, or to their superior’s superior. All our employees may also report directly to the Grieg Group Whistle-blower Channel, a web-based solution established by EY also covering anonymous reporting options. The concern may also be raised to any member of the board of directors in each respective company within the Grieg Group.

Reporting of potential breaches of the ethical principles is considered loyal, and will be treated in a responsible manner. Whoever reports such incidents will not experience any negative consequences.

Our ethical principles

  1. We will carry out our business fairly, honestly and openly
  2. We do not accept any form of discrimination of employees or others involved in our activities
  3. We do not accept any form of corruption, nor will we condone it taking place on our behalf so as to influence business.
  4. We will avoid doing business with others who do not accept our values and who may harm our reputation.
  5. We shall be careful about giving and accepting gifts or other services.
  6. We will keep clear and updated records of all business transactions made on behalf of the Grieg Group.
  7. We will avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with the interests of the Grieg Group.
  8. We will treat all information, assets and property of the Grieg Group responsibly and professionally.

Anti corruption

With its global presence, the shipping industry operates in environments particularly prone to corruption, countries with poor governance and legal frameworks, and ports in lack of structures and standard operating procedures. Corruption risks may range from small facilitation payments to bribes, extortion and trading in influence. The legal framework on anti-corruption is ever stricter and requires businesses to take action and work systematically to reduce risks.

Grieg Star recognises the need to provide employees and third parties with clear ethical guidelines and regular support in tackling these challenges. Our leaders need to set the tone and demonstrate our commitment to high ethical standards. Similarly, our captains and crew need to be supported. They are in the front line when facing the challenge; pay or risk delay. On board our ships we state our no-corruption policy clearly to all visitors and officials. The message is communicated in five languages; English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindu, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia. This message is also sent out to our agents. All reported incidents of corruption are recorded, and whenever appropriate raised with agents and local port offices.

To fight corruption in the maritime industry, Grieg Star has joined the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), a global business network working for a maritime industry free of all types of corruption. MACN consists of a member-elected steering committee, several working groups, and the MACN member meetings. Members meet in-person at least twice a year, with more frequent interaction through working groups.

Anti-corruption training workshops for the seafarers are conducted at bi-annual officers’ conferences and regularly at our manning office.

All our vessels have clearly visible signs on board, communicating risk awareness and our strict no-corruption policy in five languages.

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Making sure vessels are equipped and attended to with all the necessary supplies and services at all times, is a complex task, involving suppliers across the world.

With more than 400 suppliers, our main challenge is to influence them effectively. Grieg Stars’ supplier code of conduct was established in 2008, and went through a total revision in 2015, ensuring it is aligned with new expectations to businesses and our own strategic approach to the supply chain. It represents an extension of our values, ethical guidelines and ISO14001 requirements. Through this code Grieg Star requires our suppliers and contractors to observe high ethical, environmental and social standards.

Grieg Star has a great number of suppliers and the inclusion of our Supplier Code of Conduct is currently focused on suppliers to vessels, which accounts for approximately 80% of our purchases. We have developed a self-assessment checklist to accompany the Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers are asked to fill in the self-assessment form, and to provide Grieg Star with feedback on their overall performance within all areas covered by the Supplier Code of Conduct. Human rights issues such as child labour, forced labour, discrimination and freedom of association are included in the assessment. The suppliers are also scrutinised whenever we performs a due diligence as part of our pre-qualification of supplier contracts.

No frame agreement with suppliers to our vessels is concluded unless the Supplier Code of Conduct and checklist are completed and agreed upon, or the supplier have it’s own SSC. This is also standard practice within Incentra, a purchasing organisation where Grieg Star is member.