Ship Development and Management

All Grieg Star ships are used by G2 Ocean in their world wide shipping operation, and our job is to make sure they are the best tool possible for the job. To do so, we do not only manage the ships, but continuously develop them in line with the needs of the commercial needs of G2 Ocean. To us, ship development and ship management are both necessary to ensure a high quality and efficient tool box for the commercial operation.

Ship Development

Through the years from 2012 to 2014 Grieg Star got 10 new L-class Open Hatch vessels delivered. From 2012 to 2015 we had four new conventional bulk vessels delivered. This extensive fleet expansion was done through the use of our ship development expertise. Our naval architects and engineers work hard to make sure our next vessel is an even better tool for our customers.

The same people, our Vessel Specialists, work on a daily basis to ensure our existing vessels work at their very best. Working closely with the the Ship Management team and seafarers they strive to better the performance of hull, machine, cranes etc. Each Vessel Specialist focusses on her or his designated field of expertise, making sure Grieg Star always is up to date on research and new technology – and that we implement these as soon as feasible.

Ship Management

Our almost 40 vessels are all managed by our own Ship Management team, and has been for almost 30 years. Grieg Star Ship Management counts a group of highly skilled and experienced Vessel Managers. They have experience from a vast variety of vessels and positions, and each of them lead at any given time their own fleet of vessels and almost 100 seafarers.

Based in Bergen, they have continuous contact with the Captains and Chief Engineers of the vessels through e-mail, chat, telephone and video. Regularly they visit and travel with the vessels to audit and supervise the day to day operation.

When ever a ship is in dry dock, our Vessel Managers plan, supervise and reports on the operation, often from the yard itself. Dry-docking may be a complex affair, and it demands a keen eye for detail – something our Vessel Managers time and time again show they have.

Ship Management use an extensive range of systems to ensure that every part of the operation and maintenance of the vessels are it’s very best. In 1992 the then CEO of the company, Per Grieg Sr., drafted the company’s 9 rules for maintenance, starting with “Our vessels shall always be in top class condition”. The rules still apply, and are followed by our Vessel Managers every day.


Jan Øivind Svardal

Jan Øivind Svardal

Chief Operating Officer

Jan Øivind Svardal, COO, is the head of Ship Management and Development in Grieg Star. He is a Naval Architect, Master of Science (NTNU) and he has been involved in 18 newbuildings from Korea and China for Grieg Star.

M: jan.svardal(at)
P:+47 995 30 648

Michael Back

Michael Back

Head of Vessel Managers

Michael Back is Head of Vessel Managers in Grieg Star. He has more than 25 years experience from Shipping and Offshore Drilling within areas technical operation, maintenance execution, supervising, engineering and planning, he also sailed as Chief engineer on various vessels.

M: michael.back(at)
P:+47 55 57 69 48

Roar Fanebust

Roar Fanebust

Head of Vessel Specialists

Roar Fanebust is the Head of Specialists within Ship Management and Development. He is Machinery Engineer, Master of Science (NTNU) and has been Project Manager for 10 newbuildings from Korea for Grieg Star.

M: roar.fanebust(at)
P:+47 55 57 69 23