Our services

Ship Development and Management

Grieg Star’s specialised ships are built to meet our customers’ high quality requirements and to deliver superior cargo care. Highly qualified seafarers, trained for our operations, man the ships. A high return rate among the crew is emphasised to ensure familiarity with the ships and operational requirements.
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Maritime Manpower

Grieg Star employs at the moment only seafarers from the Philippines. All seafarers are recruited through Grieg Philippines, a modern crewing agency based in Manila.The company was established in 2009 with an objective to enhance the focus on training and competence development of our seafarers and to build a common company culture.
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Green Shipping Solutions

In 2010 Grieg Star established Grieg Green to help the industry avoid harmful end-of-life handling of vessels. Along with keeping tabs on the changing legislation on ship recycling and staying on top of the latest trends and prices in the industry, Grieg Green is committed to finding the best recycling yards that are available at our customers’ disposal.
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