Grieg Star is #18 on the SHE index

Oct 23, 2019

The Norwegian SHE index shows we have come far regarding gender diversity. We are number 18 on the index, but we still have work to do.

“I am happy that we are among the 20% best companies in the index. But that does not mean that we are satisfied. We still have work to do,” says Grieg Star CEO Matt Duke.

A voluntary questionnaire is the basis for the Norwegian SHE index. That means that all 91 companies have voluntarily opened up on their work to create a diversified work environment.

“Diversity is essential to stay ahead as a business. Transparency is equally important. That is why we should give credit to all the 91 companies on that list. Their choice to be transparent is important,” says Duke.

Grieg Star is, with our 76 points, just above average among transport companies. And we know where we can improve.

“These kinds of questionnaires are a good reminder of where you need to have your focus. For example, we did not have a gender equity policy. Following the work with the SHE questionnaire, we started developing one. It is not groundbreaking, but every little step helps. Our goal is to be far better than a score of 76,” Duke says.

One of our Sustainable Development Goals is goal number 5: Gender Equality.