Every little thing helps

Oct 7, 2019

We want to reduce plastics in the oceans. Every day we receive goods to our vessels – products wrapped in plastic. Too often, our suppliers do that out of habit. Luckily, some of them think outside the bag.

On the 17th of July this year, one of our seafarers posted a happy post on her Instagram account:

“Restocked. Amazed with Scandia’s initiative to help reduce plastic wastes. Coveralls are now shipped without individual polybags which is clever and a win-win for all.”

You may see the post underneath.

Scandia does indeed supply workwear for our seafarers. They work hard to be more environmentally friendly. And thus, on the 1st of July, they stopped putting the coveralls in individual plastic bags.

Will continue

“Since packaging is critical to our business, sourcing sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives has become a priority for us. The contamination of our oceans and waterways is a preventable health and environmental crisis,” they state.

Scandia vows to continue to reduce the use of polybags. Plastic packaging will be eliminated or significantly reduced by the end of the third quarter of 2020.

No single-use plastics by end 2020

In the Grieg Group, we have worked with the Sustainable Development Goals for some time now. We have found that goal number 17, “Partnership for the goals”, has to be a foundation for our work. With their work to reduce plastic, Scandia is a vital partner for us.

We have committed to goal number 14, “Life below water”. Thus, we have decided to have no single-use plastics onboard by the end of 2020. The initiative by Scandia has so far reduced the amount of plastics onboard by 12 kilograms. It is not much, but to succeed, we need partners like Skandia.

Help us reducing plastics in the oceans.