How we communicate

Good communications is necessary to be able to run a sustainable, responsible and profitable company. Over the years Grieg Star has invested in several solutions to ensure good communications internally and externally.

External communication systems

Beside active usage of web site and social media, Grieg Star used several digital services to interact with our customers, agents and other stakeholders. Through these systems we improve efficiency and accuracy, and reduce the amount of paper consumed and sent.

Internal communication systems

Our main service for internal communication is the intranet 130+ and the combined intranet and online portals Crewnet and Vesselnet. All systems provide extensive information and access to a wide variety of systems, reports and tools important in day-to-day operations. We continuously develop these and new systems according to need.

Our Open Meetings for our employees are held in Bergen at least four times a year.  The annual Grieg Review, and open meeting for all employees in the Grieg Group is streamed live as well as made available for later viewing.


Our existing Quality Management Reporting System (QMRS) was put into force January 1st 2015. Through this we are able to report and capture vital information regarding safety, quality and environmental matters.

Video conferencing

With partners and offices in many different countries as well as over 30 owned vessels, good solutions for talking to each other are vital. We have started to work on increasing the usage of electronic communication channels like Skype, Facetime and other video systems. In addition to improving the quality of day-to-day communication our goal is also to reduce travel cost and CO2 footprint, as well as bothersome travel.

Vessel Support Centre

IN the beginning of march 2018 we opened our Vessel Support Centre. The centre will be manned by three vessel managers, who will be in direct contact with our masters and chiefs on a day to day basis. They will be able to chat, phone or have video calls with the ship wherever they are in the world. That means the vessels will be able to have a much broader competence base ready to support them if there is an issue onboard. Route planning tools are available for all and are easily discussed and monitored. The centre will make it easier to compare and share best practice between ships and people. Dashboards and machine learning make it possible to quickly identify deviations on everything from lube oil usage to valve pressures and fuel consumption.

The Vessel Support Centre makes it easier for the land organisation to help the Masters and crew onboard our vessels, using high end systems and video conferencing. 

On board internet access

For most seafarers, contact with family and loved ones at home is one of the most important welfare concerns.

To ensure such contact, all our ships are equipped with a system that gives our seafarers access to personal e-mail, unlimited SMS text messaging, social networking and browsing the Internet. Through 2017 we finished an upgrade to the internet connection onboard, giving the seafarers an even better access.


To ensure flexibility, most land based employees are equipped with lap tops and mobile phones. This makes it possible for them to work from outside the office if needed, either for private or business reasons. They have access to all the same systems and communication channels when outside the office by using virtual private networks (VPN).