Developing competence from within

Academic performance, good communication skills, personal suitability and dedication are essential in selecting our future seafarers.

In preparation for the future need of officers, cadets have been selected every year through the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s (NSA) Philippines Cadet Program. Grieg Star, together with the NSA Philippines Cadet Program, interviews and selects the students before they begin their education at one of the leading maritime universities in the Philippines. For the past years, we have had an average of 75 cadets in our system per year. We also source cadets from our own seafarers, where the children or siblings of our sailing personnel, can apply for seagoing service in order to earn their certificates as licensed officers.

One of the most important aspects to evaluate is the cadets’ ability to communicate. Further, we consider the ability to adapt to a life at sea, as well as inquiring about the cadets’ adaptability to teamwork versus individual work. It is also essential to evaluate the candidate’s level of realistic ambition and determination, in addition to the person’s physique as much of the work onboard can be physically challenging.

To ensure harmonious relations onboard, it is also important that the candidates we choose to embark on a journey with are from provinces all over the Philippines, to ensure a geographical spread of our seafarers onboard.

The Grieg Star Cadets at UCML in Cebu, Philippines, February 2016

The first years in the company are of great significance to obtain a good understanding of the company culture and operational procedures. An open dialogue to discuss the development of the cadets and the career path ahead of them is important to continuously evaluate the progress made.

Gender and ethnicity equality

Grieg Star does not accept discrimination in any form. This ensures all employees the same opportunities to personal and professional development, irrespective of gender, age, ethnical background, nationality or age. Discrimination shall be nonexistent when it comes to recruitment, advancement and remuneration. Our aim is to give all employees the possibility to reach their potential while increasing Grieg Star´s competitive edge and value creation.

We had no reports of any kind of discrimination in 2017.


Grieg Star maintains an overview of sick leave in accordance with current laws and regulations. In 2017 the general sick leave for the global on-shore organisation was 1,6 %, including long and short term absence. Working environment committees oversees the company’s work on health and safety.

Sick leave is reported and followed up on a continuous basis by the managers in cooperation with the employee and Human Resources Department.


Sick leave on shore

Safety and health video

In 2015 Grieg Star took part of an industry-initiated survey, organised by Marine Benefits, called Project Re:fresh, focusing on the health and well-being of Filipino seafarers, in the areas of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

To follow up this, and highlight safety procedures on board, an animated video was produced in 2016, and is now running non stop at our crewing agency’s office in Manila. The video is also used on board our vessels for new seafarers and visitors.

The slogan of the video is “Work with safety – come home safely”. Posters stating the same is in process of being produced, and will be placed in common areas on board our vessels.