Our People

Grieg Star is a family owned company, with the fifth generation Griegs as its owners: Elisabeth Grieg, Camilla Grieg, Per Grieg Jr. and Elna-Kathrine Grieg. Indirectly the Grieg Foundation owns 25% of the shares. Per Grieg Sr. leads this benevolent foundation .

To secure a continuing sound family owned business, a program to ensure the knowledge and commitment of the next generation has been implemented. The Next Generation Program gathers the heirs of the four owners on a regular basis to educate and prepare them for a future shift of generation.

Our Employees

Our business success relies on the quality of our people and the work they all do. This requires highly specialised skills, dedication and a professional attitude combined with commercial awareness. Being able to build good relations with customers, business partners and colleagues is imperative for success.

High-level formal education constitutes the basis for any critical competence in Grieg Star. All areas are manned with people educated at university level, spanning from finance, economy and law to engineers and social sciences. Today we have a good mix of recruits at post-graduate entry level and people with longer professional experience in addition.

Other characteristics and personality traits are important above and beyond professional proficiency. In general we always need a sufficient amount of people who have a profound understanding of the nature of our business and our processes, are able to innovate and are open-minded in looking for new solutions, as well as curious and open for change.

In 2017 we had 107 employees in the shore organisation, of which 49% are females. 49 are employed at the headquarters in Norway, while the rest are located at the branch offices and our manning office in Manila. As a rule all staff are employed locally and hired on local terms.

Krezl Sarigumba became in 2016 our first female officer

We have a very competent workforce with long service in the company. 31% of the workforce has been in the company for more than 10 years. The age distribution shows that we have a pool of talents with young people, and a group of people who will retire in the coming years, giving new opportunities for the young generation as people retire.

Relying solely on the Philippines as the source for seafaring personnel, all our seafarers are hired through our manning office in Manila or recruited as cadets. The manning office adheres to international ILO conventions as well as the Maritime Labour Convention in all its practices that affect the seafarers.

The seafarers are per agreement contractual workers, but we see a lot of advantages by treating them as regular employees and strive to ensure a high retention rate. Ship officers have 6 months contracts, and receive stand by payment while on leave. Ratings apply for sailing periods of 9 months. All crew is voluntarily organised by international seafarers´ associations, and consequently covered by collective bargaining agreements and any other international rules and standards that apply.

We do not employ any children in our operations, nor accept that our suppliers do so.

The number of sailing personnel is approximately 650 at any given time, of which 12 are female cadets or officers.

We had 43 % females in the top management team in 2017. Among all managers 46% were female. The group’s Board of Directors currently consist of 60 % women and 40 % men.


Percentage of females on shore


Retention rate seafarers