Financial report 2018

Improved market conditions together with increased synergies from the G2 Ocean JV, contributed to better earnings in 2018. In total, Grieg Star’s result before tax ended at USD minus 16.3m in 2018.

Our responsibility

Grieg Star is committed to the principles in the UN Global Compact and seeks to continuously improve our performance in joint effort with others in the industry.

Our origin

Grieg Star started in 1961 – but our history goes back to 1884. We are proud to say we are part of more than 130 years of Grieg-history.

Grieg Star is a ship owning and operating company within the open hatch and dry bulk segments. We are a part of the Grieg Group, with a history back to 1884. Together with Gearbulk we own the largest open hatch shipping company in the world, G2 Ocean. We own or operate between 35 and 40 vessels at any given time, with approximately 750 employees in total. A part of Grieg Star is Grieg Green, one of the few companies providing sustainable ship and rig recycling in the world.

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The last piece of Star Gran

This was what was left 98 days after Star Gran arrived at Leyal Ship Recycling Group. See how the first ship recycled according to EU’s regulations was handled.

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Grieg Star Group AS
P.O.Box 781 Sentrum
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Bergen: Grieg-Gaarden, C. Sundtsgate 17
Oslo: Bryggegata 6, 4th floor


Matt Duke, CEO
Henry Svendsen, deputy CEO

Phone / e-mail

Tel Bergen: +47 55 57 69 50
Tel. Oslo: +47 23 27 41 00